Terracing and Steps

Creating terracing and steps within your landscape can transform difficult or unusable areas and provide zones for entertaining, relaxing, children’s activities or highlight a feature such as a hot tub, fire pit or seating area.

At Gemini Landscapes, we recognise the importance of maximising the potential of your garden and creating an outdoor space which is not only stylish but practical all year round, easy to maintain and above all, personalised to your needs.

We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions for all challenging aspects – from sloping lawns to steep gradients. Partitioning your garden creates interest in larger areas and style over multi levels. Steps and seating can be incorporated or sculpted into the design, using for instance wider steps on gentler gradients or beautiful terrace flowerbeds to create an amazing visual from the house.

We can recommend brickwork, materials and styles to complement your surroundings, suit your style and house, and encompass all aspects from durability to drainage. Our professional team work to design, plan and realise your dreams, providing a truly unique solution that will last a lifetime.