Water Features and Ponds

Water features serve as a beautiful focal point for any area, providing a calming, refreshing feature which adds aesthetic and acoustic serenity to your home and garden.

There are any number of types of water features that can be incorporated into your garden design, from small fountains and bubbling brooks to ornamental fish or wildlife ponds, pools with rills, waterfalls and even lakes. We can also provide contemporary marble or steel features, harnessing water’s wonderful ability to reflect light, creating an impressive feature for your garden.

Gemini Landscapes designs, supplies and installs outdoor garden water features and fountains, and our highly-skilled aquatics building team can work to our own designs or an architect’s drawings and specifications.

Our skilled team of electricians, plumbers and landscape designers offers a complete water feature installation service, and can take care of everything involved, including groundworks, pipework and electrics.